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Our team at FIORIO has an inclusive mindset which welcomes and embraces diversity. Our ultimate goal is to make every client feel safe, valued, and appreciated while also celebrating their individualism. Self-expression is, at its core, the action of expressing yourself through creative activities.

Fiorio Salon is known not only for its skilled seasoned stylists but also for its superior customer service and satisfaction guarantee.


Meet Mr. Aabid, the creative director of Fiorio Salon and a true master of beauty and fashion. Mr. Aabid is an artistic leader, a hair stylist of the highest calibre, and a hair expert with unmatched flair. He has over two decades of outstanding experience in the salon industry.His path began when he was a young, passionate artist who had a continuous passion for the craft of hairstyling.

He developed his abilities over time, devotedly perfecting his skill. Mr. Aabid has established a reputation as one of the most sought-after stylists in the industry thanks to his unrestricted imagination and dedication to perfection.

Glowing Beauty

Bridal Makeup by Fiorio Salon

Elevate your bridal glow with our specialized Bridal Makeup services. Our skilled artists are dedicated to enhancing your natural beauty, ensuring you radiate confidence and timeless elegance on your special day. Trust us to create a look that reflects your unique style, making your wedding day truly unforgettable.